Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm baaaaack.... R4C2VLCD13

Hey folks. I have been back on the diet and injections for 13 days. I haven't updated for a couple of reasons. First, sheer embarassment. I gained 7 lbs during my break... just about half of what I lost during cycle one of this round. It wasn't until 2 days ago that I was able to start on some new losses for this round. So basically, I took a 17 day break, gained 7 lbs, and took 11 days on the VLCD to lose it again. UGH. I got out of control over the break. I did OK at first, but there were two problems I am aware of. First, I ate sugars and starches which is a big no no before the weight loss has stabilized (3 weeks). I ate them in abundance. Second, I didn't do correction days at all. Had I done a steak or egg day on that very day when my weight crept up past 2 lbs over LIW, things would have probably ended very differently and I might be much further along in my weight loss! Oh well... it is what it is. I have a feeling I will always be taking two steps forward, one step back. The important thing is learning from these experiences so I can do better next time, and continuing to move in the right direction! I really really really don't want to lose this same weight over and over again. I am taking another break starting in about 4 days. I have friends coming to stay from out of town and Jeffrey's birthday coming up. I need to break for all that. I am thinking a 5 day break is all I will take, and start right back up. I am excited to get into some unfamiliar territory over the next month or so.
So there's my update. Ciao!