Monday, June 29, 2009

P2R2 VLCD #1 (182.2)

Hi folks. Today is very low calorie day #1 for me! I got through the loading days with a net gain of .2 which is AWESOME... considering I am 5 lbs above LIW, I am so glad that I don't have even more pounds to get off to get to where I was. I enjoyed brownies, ice cream with hot fudge, cheesecake, a twix candy bar... lots of sugar people. I know loading days are more about the fat but I figured there was plenty of fat to go along with that sugar! Jorge took some "before" pics of me last night. So this time I really will have some before and after pics to post.

Today we are taking a little overnight trip to Park City with my mom, sister and all our kids. It should be fun. I thought about not starting the diet until after our little trip but decided against that. I am so ready to start losing more weight... it doesn't matter if I have to pack my measly 500 cal and take it with me tonight!

So my plan for this round is kind of tentative but here is what I am thinking. We are going to Bear Lake July 30- Aug 2, so I will take a P3 break while we are there (no sugars/no starches). I will take my last injection before the break on July 27 or 28, which means I will have 29-30 days of the vlcd (skipping once a week this means I will have 25 effective injections by then). Then after the trip I will get back on the diet for the rest of my shots which should be 15-20 more. I am going to play it by ear but I might even order some more HCG from the internet and make this round go a little longer... I need to research it and see if I can do that. I think doing another 30 days or so after the break would be great and would get me that much closer to my ultimate goal. My mom recently lost weight and moved from a size 8 to a 6. She has a whole chest full of size 8 jeans just waiting for me. Nice jeans that I can't wait to fit into. I really want to be able to wear those jeans when fall starts!

Anyway, that is what I am thinking. Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Round 2 Phase 2 Load Day 2

Hey everybody! Long time, no blog! Sorry...I have been so so so busy. Life is always like that I guess. But you can expect to hear a lot more from me over the next few weeks because as I have officially started Phase 2 Round 2. Yesterday was my first shot, today is my second "load" day and tomorrow I will start the very low calorie diet. I am very excited to lose some more weight!
Today my weight was 181.8, which is 4.8 over my LIW. Although it did drop after vacation to 179, as soon as I was over the stomach flu, it went right back up. I didn't worry about it too much since I knew I was starting round 2 very soon. It is kind of sad though to start this round knowing I need to lose 5 lbs just to get to where I was. Oh well, it is what it is.
Well, I don't have much else to say except I will be back tomorrow to update you!

Friday, June 19, 2009

P3/4R1 Day 34 (179.6, LIW +2.6)

Hello everybody! I am back from vacation and over my weight range but I am not too stressed about it. It has already come down quite a bit... I came back weighing in at 183.2, 6.2 over LIW. That was Wed afternoon, so that probably was a few pounds up from my morning weight, that I normally go by. Yesterday I was at 181, and today 179.6... I took my scale on vacation but stopped weighing after a few days because it was just too stressful. There wasn't much I could do in terms of correction days because the food available was largely out of my control. I ate a lot of junk and thought for sure I would have 10 lbs to lose after all that. I am amazed that its not more than it is.
I am not doing correction days because they are supposed to be done on the day the gain happens. I was advised by Biz at HTA's bootcamp to just eat "clean" and high fat and my weight should come down on its own. I have tried to eat high fat but have been having a hard time because I have had a stomach flu for a few days, and am not hungry for stuff like that. Last night I had pasta and toast for dinner because all I could stomach were carbs. But the stomach flu is probably helping get my weight in check. ha ha
I rescheduled my Dr. appt to get my new prescription for HCG to next Thursday because I am not feeling well and don't feel like leaving the house (I was supposed to go today). Next week will be 6 weeks since I have been off the shot (middle of the week)... I will most likely start the shots again next weekend.
So there's my update!

Monday, June 8, 2009

P3/4R1 Day 25 (177.8, LIW +.8)

Hello all! Things have been going well in the weight department. I have now gone 7 days with no correction days in there. I have started eating some carbs, very slowly. I have had corn on the cob, corn tortilla chips, (yes, I like corn! :), ketchup, and some high sugar fruits like pineapple and some melons. So far so good. Today I was the lowest I have been during this maintenance phase.

I made an appt with the doctor who prescribed my HCG for next week. Its a follow up so he can document my weight loss (and maintainance!) and so I can get another prescription for the liquid gold! I am excited to start back on the losing phase, but I know I am going to miss eating all the delicious stuff I have been able to enjoy on maintenance. I have to remember though, its not forever, and I look forward to seeing how I feel and look at the end of round 2!

So one more thing, and if you don't like the TOM talk you can just stop reading here (dad!)! TOM is late...very, very late. I am talking today is the 10th day he is late. I have taken two pregnancy tests. The first one came out invalid. The other showed negative. I have heard of others whose cycles got a little screwy after taking the shots, so that is most likely what is going on. But I have to admit, it's had me a little nervous. I love my babies, and I do want another, but NOT RIGHT NOW!

I will be travelling to the East Coast for about a week, so I don't know how often I will be able to get on here. It's quite possible that it may be more often since I won't have to worry about work, cleaning the house, etc. But I am planning to take my scale and weigh everyday just to stay on track. Although I probably won't do an extreme correction day while on vacation, if needed I will just be extra careful and keep my menu really simple. I am so glad to have a week of stability under my belt before leaving on this trip.

Goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

P3R1 Day 23 (178.4, LIW +1.4)

Folks, I have gone 5 days without having to do a correction day... I am thinking maybe my weight has finally stabilized. I hope so! I am officially done with the 3 weeks no sugar/no starch but I am going to be introducing new foods very slowly. Honestly, I wouldn't mind eating the way I am right now for the most part, but I think its important to start getting the whole grains back into my diet and make sure my body stabilizes with those before I start back on the losing phase. I think I will go get some Ezekiel bread today and try a piece of toast in the morning (Ezekiel bread is a low carb, low glycemic index sprouted wheat bread). 2 days ago I had some corn on the cob and ketchup (oh, I missed my ketchup. I know, I 'm just like a 5 year old).... anyway, they didn't seem to cause any problems. I have also had a few pieces of pineapple and melon which are new fruits for me (higher sugar/glycemic index).
I am really busy today getting the family packed and ready to leave town next week. So I will go now, but just wanted to check in and let you all know how things are going!
More later!

Monday, June 1, 2009

P3R1 Day 18 (178.8, LIW +1.8)

Well, my "non egg/nut day" seemed to work... I lost 1.2 lbs! ha ha I'm pretty sure its more about me feeling better today and not so sore and achy... less water retention. TOM still isn't here... I wish he would just come already and get done (just so I could wait for him to come again next month, right?)
Tonight I made "mashed potatoes" with cauliflower. So good. Much better than the ones I had at Ruby Tuesdays my first day of Phase 3. I cooked the cauliflower in the microwave, covered for about 10 minutes (2 bags of frozen cauliflower). Then I put them in my kitchen aid with the whisk attachment. Added some butter, half and half, a dollop of sour cream and about 3 egg whites (to get them light and fluffy). They didn't get really smooth like mashed potatoes with the kitchen aid, so I ran them through the magic bullet which did the trick... they got super smooth and creamy. Then I topped with some shredded cheese which melted and wallah... faux mashed potatoes. I think I could always eat those in place of mashed potatoes... they would be really good with gravy. Diego (20 year old son) and his friend showed up unexpectedly at dinner time... I was a little nervous how my little experiment would go over with them. I know they liked them because there were none left after dinner... Diego finished them off. And I made quite a few. They were pretty good... I will be making those again for sure.
I also made sugar free/flour free brownies tonight. They are pretty good, but I have heard they are even better the next day. Jeffrey ate one... he said he didn't like it as much as the normal brownies I make, but he kept eating his until it was gone. Emma ate hers with no problem. Jorge said he didn't like them but he ate 2 or 3 (ha ha). Instead of sugar I used half splenda and half xylitol, pulverized in the magic bullet. In place of flour, the recipe calls for ground flax seed. It has a lot of fiber, so I imagine we won't be having any problems in the bathroom the next few days here in our house... if you know what I mean! (Grandma, you want some?)
Well, time to get the kids in bed and get to bed myself. More later!
ps... In about 3 weeks I am going to be back on the VLCD! I am excited to get smaller!