Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm Back

Hello friends. I am once again on the protocol and it is going well. I gained around 20 lbs since I last stopped... I know, YIKES... but so glad to be moving down again. I am trying to remember that gaining that weight back was not a failure, just a lesson in how NOT to do things. It seems like I have to learn a lot of things the hard way! But there is no use crying over gained weight.
I am on my 6th day of the VLCD and have lost 6.8 lbs (not including load weight, which was .6). Those numbers are great and I am happy to be moving down.
I probably won't update this blog everyday like I was doing before. I have been so incredibly busy with family, work and internship, and school starts up again next week. The true test of this round will be me sticking to the VLCD with classes starting again. I am just trying to take things one day at a time and do the best I can. I am happy that I will have 10 days or so of the diet under my belt before I go back to classes. I am in a routine which I think will be easier to stick to than trying to start after classes begin. I haven't decided how long this round will be yet. At this point I am of course committed to the short round, but I will reassess when I get closer to the end of that time period.
More later, and Happy Losing!

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  1. Wow Brooke. 6.8 lbs. is so much better than my 2.8 lbs. in 6 days. Oh well, you must not be cheating at all!!! Way to go. Good luck!! Let me know what recipes you come up with and for sure try the chicken soup.