Wednesday, January 27, 2010

VLCD 25, 2nd day no injection

Today is the last day of the low calorie diet before I take an 11 day break. As of my last injection weight for this round, I have lost 14.8 lbs. Not bad... my goal for each short round I am going to be doing is 15 lbs. I have had some cheats over the past few days, without which I am sure I would have passed the 15 lb mark. But the fact that I started cheating just confirms to me that I need a break. I feel satisfied taking the break and accepting the 14.8 lb loss, even if it is .2 shy of my goal for this round. My main goals during the break are 1. to maintain within the 2lb mark... I don't want to lose the same weight again! and, 2. Well, take a break. When I start back in 11 days, I want to feel rejuvenated and ready to stick to the diet again. I expect that I will do this cycling of 23 days VLCD, 10 day breaks for the next couple of months until I reach my goal, or get very close.
So there you have it! More later.


  1. Way to go Brooke! That's great. I wish I hadn't cheated so much my last round but I'm still happy that I lost another 8 lbs. I thought you had to wait for 6 weeks before you could do another round. Can you explain to me about the 11 day thing or tell me where to read about it?
    Thanks, love ya,

  2. Paula,
    I sent you a message on Facebook!
    Love ya!

  3. Way to go! I know it is hard. That is what my blog is about too. I would love to have you follow mine as well. i worked as a trainer and I sell herbalife and I would love to be a part of your journey.

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    Lets get on it!